What values ​​have the properties of a template in the build configurations?

Is there a way to see which build a property from a template has changed?

For example,
1) Create a property in the template, for example, for the Java version (example 7)
2) in a build configuration the value of the property is changed. (for example 8)
3) Now, the default value is changed in the template. But I can not find a way how I can find out which build configuration uses the default value and which are not.

This information is helpful if Java version 8 is the new company standard and also the build configuration from step 2 again should use the standard.
Even in the build configuration the value is still displayed as a deviation from the template and you do not recognize that in the build configuration and in the template and the same value is used.



After changing parameters the Reset button is provided to the right for each parameter. The build runner's modified settings are highlighted with yellow border



However, you must have already selected the particular build configuration to see the reset button.
I would find this information already in the template helpful.


Please feel free to create an feature request in our tracker.


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