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I have two questions regarding the MSTEST build step in TeamCity.


I am having an issue with an MSTEST step not finding supporting files.  These files are included in the build directory as they are marked as ‘copy always’ to the output directory.  When TeamCity runs the tests they are run in a temp folder "TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp\accountname_MACHINENAME 2014-09-10 11_12_08\Out” which does not contain the these files.  Is there a way to have TeamCity copy these files to this folder?



Is it possible to have TeamCity run an MSTest build step using a different user then the one running the TeamCity server?  Specifically a different Windows user as we are using integrated authentication for our database connection.

Any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank You

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1. We have a related feature request, please watch/vote for it. Please try workarounds suggested in this comment, also you can influence the working dir of MSTest by changing the location of the results file. For example set the location of the results file to:\**.trx

2. The build runs under the same user as the agent. Please try runAs plugin, which adds ability to run builds under different user accounts.


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