TeamCity 7.1.4 (build 24331) - Dependency Build Number Resolves Incorrectly on Build Config

First, thank you for taking the time to look at this post!

On one of our project, we have two build configs that reference other build configs in the same project. One of them is resolving the build number incorrectly, the other is not.  The artifact rules are as follows (replacing our product name w/ "[ProductName]" for this post:

[ProductName]!** =>src


[ProductName]!** =>src\Themes\[ProductName]

The build numbers are resolving correctly to 30 for build config A, but for build config B, the same entries are resolving to 6.  Does anyone know how we can debug this or correct the issue?

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We would recommend to upgrade TeamCity to the latest version. If the issue is reproduced after upgrade please inform us.


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