How to make TC to use different Xcode versions for different branches?

Is there a way to specify which Xcode version should TC use for a given branch in the build configuration?

What I would like to achieve is,

I have a 'production' branch which should be build with Xcode 5.1.1 and a 'devel' branch which I would like to upgrade to Xcode 6.

Build agent have both Xcode installed (/Applications/Xcode5/ and /Applications/Xcode6/
Only way I could think of was to add a command line build step before Xcode step to use 'xcode-select' depending on the branch name. It seems to work but I was wondering if there is a better, recommended way of doing this.


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We have a related feature request, please watch/vote for it and see this workaround (as far as I understood it is the same as you described).


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