VCS trigger for Gerrit causes huge number of builds

Hi folks.
I have Git VCS root with such settings:

  • Default branch: refs/heads/master
  • Branch specification: +:refs/changes/*

So I expect to have commits to review to Gerrit with these settings.
Trigger settings:

  • Trigger a build on each check-in.
  • No branch filters.

Finally I get a huge number of triggered build.
First build is what I expect  - it's for commited for review in Gerrit change.
But after that i see builds with old changes:

What I did wrong?

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Which version of TeamCity do you use? If not the latest one we would recommend you to upgrade, there were some bug fixes.
If the issue is reproduced in the latest versions, then please create ticket in our tracker system and attach teamcity-server.log and teamcity-vcs.log.

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TeamCity Enterprise 8.1.3 (build 30101) in my case.

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Sorry for delay. As workaround please try to set this option teamcity.vcsTrigger.runBuildOnSameRevisionInEveryBranch=false.

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Does it mean to create parameter for build configuration? I.e. name = teamcity.vcsTrigger.runBuildOnSameRevisionInEveryBranch, value = false.
If yes then it not helps at all.

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Hi Michael,

do you have snapshot dependencies in your configuration? Is there any pattern when TeamCity runs redundant builds, e.g. does it do that on every new commit? Do you have logs covering the time when trigger ran redundant builds? If so please provide teamcity-server.log and teamcity-vcs.log and specify a build configuration name where it happens.


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