TeamCity + YouTrack integration stuck

Hi guys.
I have Teamcity 8.1.5 and YouTrack 5.2.5 installed in the TeamCity instance according this manual
Before it happened I had two different installations on same server (youtrack and teamcity had different ports).

Youtrack and teamcity work very good but I have a stuck with TeamCity integration in Youtrack.
When I setting up credentials and test the connection I have an error: Can't connect to TeamCity: Error caused by:Logic error caused by: GET http://my_domain/teamcity/app/rest/version returned a response status of 302 Found.

What I need to do to fix it?

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Could you please try to perform the same GET request using curl:

curl -u teamcity_user:password -X GET http://my_domain/teamcity/app/rest/version

What is the response?

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Hi, Alina.

* Adding handle: conn: 0x25240d0 * Adding handle: send: 0 * Adding handle: recv: 0 * Curl_addHandleToPipeline: length: 1 * - Conn 0 (0x25240d0) send_pipe: 1, recv_pipe: 0 * About to connect() to mydomain port 80 (#0) *   Trying * Connected to mydomain ( port 80 (#0) * Server auth using Basic with user 'youtrack' > GET /teamcity/app/rest/version HTTP/1.1 > Authorization: Basic eW91dHJhY2s6a2RqZ___________________ > User-Agent: curl/7.33.0 > Host: mydomain > Accept: */* > < HTTP/1.1 302 Found * Server Apache-Coyote/1.1 is not blacklisted < Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1 < Cache-Control: private < Expires: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 03:00:00 MSK < Location: https://mydomain/teamcity/app/rest/version < Content-Length: 0 < Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2014 18:30:12 GMT < * Connection #0 to host mydomain left intact

I see that Tomcat moves me to https.
My server behind the NAT with https port forwarding (public_ip:443->private_ip:443).
I have https connector in server.xml and internet clients connect to my server via SSL.
But I don't want use SSL locally.

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It was bad idea - trying to use non-ssl connection.
I added server cert to both keystores (jre and teamcity) and ssl integration work.
Problem solved.


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