False History builds in build configuration

I have a chain of build configurations linked together through snapshot dependencies:

Trigger -> BuildIOS -> BuildAndDeploy -> ...

The Trigger config is triggered by VCS changes and monitors a number of branches. BuildIOS is triggered on a successful build in Trigger, and BuildAndDeploy is triggered on a successful build in BuildIOS.

Yesterday I had a situation where builds were failing due to a bug in an external component responsible for running tests. As a result, I ended up running the Trigger config manually a few times. Eventually, I managed to downgrade the external component and got a successful build through.

Now I have two related problems:

1. The dashboard only shows the first failing build of BuildAndDeploy, not the last successful. In the attached screenshot, tc-dashboard.png, it's build in the master branch.

2. The last few builds under BuildAndDeploy are marked as History builds (I suppose this is the reason for 1). See the attached screenshot tc-history.png.

So my question: How do I make TeamCity understand that the builds are not History builds? The Trigger build config does not show the manually triggered builds as History builds.


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Never mind, the problem was a bug in my build script that prevented the build number from being communicated to TeamCity via a service message...


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