Best way to accomplish a "global post-build" step?

I'm going to be injecting TeamCity build numbers into the TFS GlobalList via some Powershell.  (

My question is:  How do I best implement this functionality?  Would it be a plug-in, meta-runner, build feature, etc?  I'd want this script to be run after every successful build, so the build numbers can be seen in the "Found In" fields in TFS.  

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Hi Eric,

In this case you can create a new build configuration snapshot dependent from all needed build configurations. And create finish build triggers for this new build configuration with option "Trigger after successful build only".
The other approach is to create a plugin. You can start here for the initial pointers on writing a plugin. The sample plugin that we have in distribution is implementing BuildServerListener interface and you can do the necessary updates in buildFinished event

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Thanks!  I think I'll take the easy route for the short term and either do a new template with the step included or the snapshot project.  

I'll take a stab at the plugin when time permits.  I think this would be useful for many in the community.  


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