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I am looking for extended matrix builds with TeamCity. We already use TeamCity, but in a simple way, which means, we only build our core versions with it. Now, our product will become able to have plug-ins. Those plug-ins have their own live cicle and will be able to compile and run against multiple core versions (they must be built against those other core versions). How can I achieve this with TeamCity?

   X=not compatible (either by a compilation error or manual configuration).

Thanks a lot for any input!


You can look at the Teamcity Plugins page:
There are different plugins build against different core (=TeamCity) Versions.

In one of the builds (more I have not seen), there is obviously an artifact dependencie. (,19,43,44,26,27,83,84,85,169)



Now there is no such build-in functionality in TeamCity. Please watch/vote for the related feture request -
To simplify the setup you can use Templates.


The current approach is to create different projects for different (for example) core versions of product. Inside each project create configurations for each type of plug-in (or vide-versa). You can configure intermediary accumulating steps (build configurations with snapshot dependencies) if you need to have result in one place. For more details please see the comment.

Java plugin or REST API can be used to generate a custom report.


Now (in 10 years) it's added to the product, greetings! :)


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