Changing SVN location for TC4

Hi all,

Currently I have the following

SVN 1.6
TeamCity 4

both on one Linux server.
I want to move SVN to it's own server, and update it to 1.8.
What do I need to modify on the TC server to point it to the new SVN server?

I have 37 projects, and 117 build configurations. If I click "Configure VCS Roots" from the TC admin page it says there are 110 accessible VCS roots.

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We would recommend to upgrade to the latest version TeamCity version (8.1.5 as of now).

In current version all configurations are stored in <TeamCity Data Directory>/config/projects folder in .xml files. So you can create a script which will find-replace all SVN URLs.

Also it is recommended to create VCS roots on Root project level, attach it to build configurations, and configure different checkout rules. It helps to prevent a large number of VCS roots and will simplify editing.


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