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I want to view all durations of all builds under specific project.
This project already has many successful builds.

The Statistics tab was empty, so I tried to add the duration graph myself manually.
I succeded to add the graph for a specific build, but I didn't find a way to have all the builds appear in the graph.
When I added the graph to the XML I specified the "buildTypeId" and only this one appear on the graph.

Why the Statistics tab is empty by default?
How can I add all the builds under specific project to a graph?


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By default TeamCity provides charts that show statistics for code coverage, code inspections and code duplicates for build configurations within the project when the corresponding data is available for the builds of this project's configurations.

When configure custom project charts you can add several build configurations on one chart. For example like this:

  <custom-graphs> <!-- This tag is required only in plugin-settings.xml -->
   <graph title="Duration comparison" hideFilters="showFailed" seriesTitle="Some key" format="duration">
      <valueType key="BuildDuration" title="duration1" buildTypeId="my_first_configuration_id"/>
      <valueType key="BuildDuration" title="duration2" buildTypeId="my_second_configuration_id"/>


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