Build queue... how to clear without starting server?

The past couple of weeks we split our build configurations out into two servers in order to aleviate contention. To do this we simply cloned the original server to another, reset the database connection to the new location and fired the new one up. So far so good, except:

Problem is is upon starting the new TC server all of the changes that have occured since the time of the server replicatoin (~50) attempt to build. I'd like forego the build of the changes and simply reset to start listening for changes starting now, e.g, don't consider changes over the past two weeks.



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Hi Karl,

You can pause queue, wait while all builds will be added to the queue and then delete builds from the queue using UI, see
You can change internal property teamcity.pauseBuildQueue.diskSpace.threshold to pause build queue, for more details see


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