How to build without default branch?

We are using Git-Flow which defines the branches like so:


For each of these branches/sections we need a build configuration (so five different build configurations).

The problem is, each configuration requires a default branch, which must be a static path. But in the case of hotfix, release, and feature branches, these are never static. So we use the branch specification for these:


But I don't want a default build for these three -- only the branch spec builds should apply.

If the solution is to combine build configurations for these with one of the static branches (develop or master), this will work for the feature branches, as their builds are close enough to the develop builds. However, the hotfix and release builds are very different from either develop or master.

The hack that I've attempted is to create a static "dummy" branch that never gets committed to (see this solution on StackOverflow). Unfortunately, this seems to still get triggered on updates to other branches, like master and develop (even though dummy is never modified). So this doesn't seem to be working either.

EDIT: Also, according to this article (very bottom), you'll see that it suggests leaving the default branch empty for hotifx and release builds. I'm trying this now, but I tried it before (a long time ago, before going the "dummy" route), and got strange results there too (though I can't remember what, hence why I'm trying again).

So unless leaving the default branch empty works, I seem to have run out of options. I'm hoping by asking here, someone can point me to a solution (or workaround) I've not encountered/thought of, or confirmation that this is not possible, and that hopefully it's a planned update to a future release.

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Hi Jerad,

Unfortunatelly it is not possible now. You have to define a default branch. We have the related feature request -, please watch/vote for it.


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