Accidentally deleting files from artifacts directory.

I did something really stupid today - in order to clean some space for our teamcity server I delete some directories with build artifacts from artifacts directory.
After restarting the teamcity service it shows an error - something with can't find build number.
Is there a way to recover from this?

I am runnig teamcity 8.1, using mssql DB (I have backup from yesterday that I can use).

Thank you very much!

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Artifacts are not included in the backup due to their size. They should be backed up manually from <TeamCity Data Directory>/system/artifacts directory.
Deleting of artifacts folder shuld not affect TeamCity. Could you please post the exact error message that you see after server restart?
I guess that this error probably mean that you have deleted something from /config folder. If that's true then restoring from backup should help to solve the issue.


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