Error 'UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path' during deployment step

Running an msBuild file. I have a folder that is created during a build. I am trying to copy that folder off to a file share on another server. Naturally this works geat when I run it but I am getting an access error when executing within TeamCity.

The fix is obvious, change the process user for some process... which? The TFS user already has access and that user does have access to the share so I'm guessing the user that would be copying the files is not the same. Tips? ;\

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I think I figured it out.

I thought I could just change the account running the TeamCity Build Agent or just the TeamCity Server but no fanagling I did would work until I changed both to run under a service account that had access.

Apparently the build agent was being used to actually do part and the web server account must be used once it attempts the copy off the server... dunno. However I was able to fix it my adjusting both accounts.


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