Github username related problems: Displayed username and Remote run

I an trying out teamcity but it seems that i have misunterstood something.

Configured Github Username in Webstorm: "readme42"
For this username, the primary and default email, configured in my Github Account, is "", but the emailadress used for commits in this case is ""

First Problem: Teamcity displayes all commits in the History or Changes tabs as commits by user "github". This can be solved by adding "Version Control Username Settings" to "github", but is this clever?

Second Problem: When i try to run a "remote run", i get the error: "Suitable build configurations with non-manual VCS checkout mode in which you have permissions to start the builds were not found for the specified changes." This must be related to the username settings, but i cant use "github" as username in my webstorm settings. If my collegue trys with his user credentials, all work fine.

Any suggestions?

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Solved by setting "Username Style" in "VCS Root Settings" to "Author Email".


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