Feature Request: Floating Build Agent Pool

Hi TeamCity development team.

For nearly 6 months we've been using TeamCity and are loving it.
We've got a license for 20 build agents. 10 of them are on vSphere hosts, 10 of them on HyperV VM, running on desktop machines.
Because the desktop machines are a lot more powerful and cheaper to upgrade, we'd like to get rid of the vSphere VMs.
But unfortunately not every desktop runs every day, all day long. So some days we only have got 12 build agents or must power on the machines of the absent colleagues, to have them all available.

One thing that would help us improve this thing would be, if it would be possible to install, let's say 30 build agents and authorize them at the TC server.
If the TC server would only allow 20 build agents to be active and choose from the pool of available machines, we'd have a fallback capacity of 10 machines.
So, if 10 desktops would be powered off, TC could make use of the other machines and at no time there would be more than 20 build agents.
What do you think?

Best regards

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Hi John,

We have the related feature request https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-7537, please see and vote for it.

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Thanks Alina.
My vote has been counted. But sadly there hasn't been much progress since 2009 when the initial feature request has been placed. :(



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