TeamCity do not detect changes in Git branches when merging / rebasing


We have the following set up with TeamCity Enterprise 8.1.1:

  • One git repository with three branches:
    • develop
    • master
    • release
  • One TC project linked to a single VCS root:
    • Default branch: refs/heads/develop
    • Branch specifciation: +:refs/heads/*

In my TC project, I have a VCS trigger (default options, no filters)

If I make a change and push to develop, master or release, TC detects a change in develop and builds it just as expected.


  1. I make a change to the develop branch
  2. I push that change
    A build now starts for the develop branch. While this build is running:
  3. I run git checkout master
  4. I run git rebase develop
  5. I run git push
    At this point both develop and master points at the same change set in git.

At this point, I would expect a build to start on the master branch as well, but that does not happen. The build on the develop branch finishes a few minutes later, but nothing is built for master branch.

Some problem isolation:

  • When I run the above steps, after step 5 TeamCity does not show any pending changes for the master branch. I expect changes to be shown since I just merged the develop branch into master and pushed.
  • I've tried running git merge develop instead of git rebase develop in step 4 but that does not help.
  • If I make my change locally both in master and in develop and then push both branches at the same time, then both branches are built.
  • If TeamCity is busy and the build is queued in step 2 and I push while it's queued, then a build for both branches will be queued.
  • If TeamCity starts to build the develop branch in step 2 and I stop this, then the master branch is built after step 5.
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I'm experiencing the same issue, is there any fix on this? I would expect a fast-forward rebase or merge to a branch to trigger a build regardless of whether that changeset have been built on a different branch.

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I'm running 10.0.4 and have the same issue. When 2 branches point to the same changeset, one of which is the default branch, TeamCity doesn't detect a change on the other branch. This seems broken given how git manages branches.

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Hi codekaizen.

Your issue seems slightly different to the issue described by Martin. I have replicated step by step what Martin mentioned and it has worked just fine in 10.0.4 (triggered build in dev via VCS trigger, during the build process checkout + rebase onto master, push, master gets triggered as well). Could you describe step by step how to replicate your issue?

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The issue is that I have 2 git branches: master and a release branch. When the release branch and master branch point to the same changeset after a merge (i.e. the release branch was fast forwarded), TC does not detect changes on the release branch. I set the property teamcity.vcsTrigger.runBuildOnSameRevisionInEveryBranch to "true" but it appears to not have an effect. The only way to get TC to recognize changes on the release branch is to add another commit to just that branch.

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Just to confirm. Does this happen as Martin mentioned only when you rebase while the previous build with the commit pre-rebase is being built? Or does it also happen every time you do a rebase? I have been running several tests today with rebasing, and they seemed to trigger a new build every time just fine, including fast-forward rebases.

On the other hand, runBuildOnSameRevisionInEveryBranch defaults to true, so I'd suggest to take it out.

In your situation, which is the default? master or release? I'm trying to replicate your scenario to see where the problem resides.

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I have the same problem. If use release branches in git, and if I fast-forward merge to master (which has already been built) TeamCity doesn't trigger a build, and if I manually build it says there are no changes.



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I'm having the same issue described in this thread at my company. We commit to a develop branch, then when we are satisfied with testing, do a PR/merge to a release branch. TeamCity is set to monitor both branches. If we do a squash merge, it does trigger a build in release but we've recently switched to just merge and TeamCity does not pick up on the change and build the release branch, nor does it show any changes pending. If I manually kick off a build in release by clicking the run button, the resulting build does have all the latest changes, but the Team City UI never reflects this.

I've played around with the teamcity.vcsTrigger.runBuildOnSameRevisionInEveryBranch setting. I've omitted it completely, set it to true and set it to false and it doesn't seem to change the behavior.

We are currently running version 2017.2.2 (build 50909) and are using GitHub Enterprise.

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I'm facing similiar issues pushing different branches. Our workflow are basically the same described by Matthew. We have two branches, master and release. Master being the default branch. Development is made in master, and when we are satisfied with the changes, we do a merge/PR to branch release. We are currently using TeamCity 2017.2.2 (build 50909) and GitLab for VCS.

When we do some changes in release and then push, TeamCity builds correctly. Then we do a fast-foward to master and then push. TeamCity detects pending changes on master and then builds.

The problem occurs when branch master is pushed first. For example. We do some changes in master and push. TeamCity detects pending changes and then build. Next we fast-foward master to release and then push release. TeamCity does not find any pending changes in release.

Looking for help I found this information, which says:

  • If the default branch is one of the branches in the merging/fast-forwarding, the changes are always calculated against the default branch, if there is a build on same revision in the default branch, TeamCity will not run a new build on the same revision.

For my understanding heres is where it lies my problem. Since master (default branch) was pushed first and release last changes came from fast-fowarding master, TeamCity will calculate the changes against master, the default branch, and not against release, the branch being pushed.

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Similar issue here with v2019.1.2, although in our case the builds are triggering but the changes are not being tracked and reported correctly.

We have a develop branch, and periodically we'll do a fast-forward merge from develop to a QA branch (these merges only ever happen one-way).

Any PR that commits to develop first show up as "Pending" on the build config and then triggers a build in short order. While building, the changes are still visible on the dashboard and after building the changes reported for that build are correct.

Whenever we merge from develop -> QA, we first see the "Pending" changes for that branch on the build config, and the build is properly triggered. However, as soon as the build starts, the dashboard shows "No changes". After the build finishes, the dashboard still shows "No changes", as does the "Changes" tab for the build. What's stranger is that the "Changes" tab after the build does actually show a link to a "revision" (commit hash?) which when clicked shows the merge change details (files, comment and user).


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