Artifact Dependencies and Templates

Lets say I have a Build Configuration Template T which I used to create Build Configurations A and B. Both of them create artifacts in the same format as defined in T. Now I want to create a dependant build configuration C that grabs these artifacts, creates an RPM and updates our internal yum repository. In C I need to add 2 Artifact Dependencies and 2 Finish Build Triggers, one for A and one for B. Is it possible to depend on the Template T instead? I don't want to change C every time I add a new Build Configuration based on T.

Is there a way to trigger from the other end? Like when A or B are finished sort of trigger C and maybe even push the artifacts (instead of pulling them)?

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Now it is nt possible to configure artifact dependencies on template. We have the related feature request, please see and vote for it.
It is also not possible to push artifacts now. Please vote for the feature request and follow the workarounds.

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Hi Alina,

Did you get a work around on this. Ideally I am thinking to use it as mentioned by Yegor Yarko. But did you find a better way on working with it.


implement a typed property type "Dependency from a build" which will allow to chose a build configuration and build within that


Or may be this one

On opening "promote" list, also show all the build configurations with the parameter defined (ideally, there should be an extension point to list the build configurations there and customize the builds before queuing)




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