AssemblyInfo Patcher not working under new version 9 release

Good morning all,

New to the forum but I have been using TeamCity at work for a few months now.  We have recently upgraded from version 8 to version 9 and have come across a strange issue which was working perfectly on version 8 so not sure if it is a version 9 bug or not.

We have several projects in our SVN lets call them X, Y and Z.

For each project we have a VCS Root set up like the below




Lets say X is at revision 43, Y is at revision 57 and Z is at revision 89 and the head revision of SVN is at 130 as there are more than just these 3 projects in SVN.

Each project has a build configuration and the builds use the correct codebase and builds the correct artifacts.  The issue we are seeing is that the AssemblyInfo Patcher is stamping the dll's with the Head revisions number rather than the individual branches revision number.  In the above scenario it was stamping all 3 build configurations dll's with 130.

I have searched through the bugs and known issues etc but can't find anything related to this.

Anyone know if there is indeed an issue with TeamCity version 9 with regards to this or if not any help with our setup would be much appreciated (although as I say it worked under version 8),

Many thanks.

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Doh, forget this.  I was running the builds manually (after the upgrade to test) rather than checking the output after a subversion check in.  Clearly the revision number would not be there for a manual run.


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