Ignored tests messages not showing up in build overview


I have a build script in FAKE, which runs NUnit tests and later these results are imported into TeamCity.

The problem is, that ignored tests messages not showing up in build overview window.

I took a look at TestResult.xml file and it seems to be fine:

<results>   <test-case name="Project.Name.Tests.Can_do_something" executed="False" result="Ignored">     <reason>       <message><![CDATA[Reason why this test is ignored]]></message>     </reason>   </test-case> </results>

TestResult.xml is imported using service message:

##teamcity[importData type='nunit' file='TestResult.xml']

Before switching to FAKE build script, these results were imported using regular team city build step and it was fine.

Any thoughts what could be wrong?

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Hi Alina,

Thank you, I voted for that related issue.

But my issue is a little bit different. You see, before migrating TeamCity build steps to FAKE, tests ignoring reasons were visible in build overview tab, but after migration, they are still in TestResult.xml file, but not showing up in overview tab (and build log) for some reason. I'm wondering why is that?

EDIT: Actually in build log these messages are visible. They are shown in tests summary.

So any thoughts why they are not showing up in overview window?

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Any updates regarding this issue?

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Hi Andrew,

Sorry for delay. I've created the issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-39370, please watch/vote for it.

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Thank you for fixing this bug in 9.0.1!


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