Triggering specific branch build based on finished build

I'm curious if it is possible to trigger a specific branch to be built when another configuration has been completed.

Our setup has 5 individual build configurations configured to run various processes, mostly Powershell scripts. We have recently added another build configuration which does some additional database tasks - basically, it executes SQL scripts in a Mercurial repo against a specific SQL server. This new configuration is set up to take advantage of the branch structure in the repo to determine which server to execute the scripts on. I'm trying to hook up the original 5 configurations to this new one in such a way that if configuration A is completed and successful, it starts the new configuration with branch A, and if configuration B is completed and successful, it starts the new configuration with branch B. The original configurations are based on a different repo, which does not have the same branch structure as the new one.

Is there any way of accomplishing this, or would I have to break out this new configuration into multiple configurations, each targeting a specific branch, and have the necessary finish build triggers in each?

The documentation here states that without using snapshot dependencies, builds triggered by finish build trigger will always be triggered in default branch even if the finished build has some other branch, which implies that snapshot dependencies may help do what I want, but there is no such configuration for them.

We are currently running 8.1.5, but are planning on upgrading before too much longer.

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Hi James,

The current solution is to configure multiple configurations, each targeting a specific branch. To simplify the setup you can use templates.
We have the related feature request, please watch and vote for it.

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3 years later, doubt that something have change :) 



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