Queuing many builds with rest api is slow

We are using the new rest api (POST on /httpAuth/app/rest/buildQueue) to queue builds in TC 8.1.5.

Unfortunately this api call is damn slow. The time for each call ranges from one seconds to over a minute with an average of 5 seconds.
We need around 13 minutes to queue about 150 builds in this way. When we concurently queue builds times are getting worse.

How can we speed up this?

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Hi Mathias,

Quite often the most slow part of a REST request is authentication. Please consider the approach to reuse authentication cookie.

Apart from that, the only related ability is to replace all the builds into the queue via PUT request. If you need the already queued build to be preserved intact, that is of course not an option.
I will consider adding multiple queing request into REST in the future versions.


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