TeamCity, Templates and IntelliJ IDEA Projects


I am using TeamCity and IntelliJ IDEA.

I can successfully add a build runner (IntelliJ IDEA Project) to a normal TeamCity build config.

I am trying to add a build runner (IntelliJ IDEA Project) to a template TeamCity build config but cannot.

When I hit the “Check/Reparse Project” button in the template there is no file to parse (of course – it’s a template with no VCS details). However, I would like to specify path variable values to be inherited by all build configs based on this template. Is there any way to do this? I don't want to have to do for every build config which uses the template.


We are running TeamCity 9.0 (build 32060).



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Hi Ed,

You need to have a valid VCS connection for the Check/reparse to work properly.
So you can ensure the template has a valid VCS root attached with all the parameters set. After you do Check/reparse and configure the runner properly, you can remove the settings which you do not need in the template.

We will work on making this limitation more clear in the scope of and

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