Unable to collect changes from mercurial repository

I am trying to checkout from mercurial reposritory but getting the following error:-

Checking for changes
[02:53:57]Collecting changes in 1 VCS root (30m:52s)
[02:53:57][Collecting changes in 1 VCS root] VCS Root details
[02:53:57][VCS Root details] "Business" {instance id=113, parent internal id=11, parent id=Business, description: "mercurial: http://lBusiness01/Business"}
[03:24:50]Failed to collect changes, error: '"c:\program files\mercurial\hg.exe" --config ui.interactive=False pull --config extensions.progress= --config "progress.format=topic number" --config progress.delay=0 --config progress.assume-tty=True http://IBusiness01/Business' command failed. stderr:  changesets 1 changesets 145 changesets 509 changesets 875 changesets 1184 changesets 1451 changesets 1639 changesets 1851 changesets 2045 changesets 2276 changesets 2451 changesets 2627 changesets 2833 changesets 3011 changesets 3220 changesets 3411 changesets 3611 changesets 3819 changesets 4018 changesets 4214 changesets 4362 changesets 4574 changesets 4773 changesets 4968 changesets 5232 changesets 5488 changesets 5777 changesets 6027 changesets 6303 changesets 6552 changesets 6818 changesets 7067 changesets 7326 changesets 7573 changesets 7827 changesets 8051 changesets 8256 changesets 8503 changesets 8725 changesets 8938 changesets 9176 changesets 9383 changesets 9621 changesets 9817 changesets 10024 changesets 10257 chang...

Already have executed the hg verify command to check if reposritory is corrupted or not but all comes fine. PLease guide. What else is causing it to fail at checkout.
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Hi please attach teamcity-vcs.log from the server machine. One thing you can try is to remove repository clone so that TeamCity will clone from scratch. I guess since you already ran 'hg verify' you know where repository clone is located on the server. Just in case: you can find a location from <TeamCity data dir>/system/caches/hg/map file.


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