SMB Deployer slow copy speed

I am copying to and from Windows 2008 Servers machines.  A copy using Windows Explorer takes a few seconds to transfer a 15MB file.
The default SMB deployer settings takes 12mins for the 15MB file.
I've tried configuring these settings in my agent's wrapper.conf
# TeamCity agent parameters

Only these two configurations seem to have any effects:

With them copying takes about 5mins.
Each time I make changes to wrapper.conf, I restart the build agent service.

Have I miss configured something? Thanks.

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Thank you for the comprehensive report.
Please update the Deployer plugin to latest version, it includes "Name resolution" advanced option which is equivalent to


and can be configured without agent restarts or configuration changes.

As to 5 minutes (which is still too much), please report this issue to GitHub tracker here:
I will see if it possible to improve the plugin's performance.


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