Labelling failed: org.eclipse.jgit.errors.TransportException

We are trying to use the new labeling feature in teamcity 9.0.2 I have gotten this working for java builds on a linux build agent with ssh authentication to our github enterprise.  This error mesage is from a .net build on a windows build agent.  I think the difference is that the .net build is using jgit and not regular git.  I have tried checking out the code on the teamcity server and on the agent but see no difference. We are also not using refs/heads/master, we are using a branch called test and using refs/heads/test.  Also we are using ssh authentication and https is not configured.  Maybe this feature use https for .net?

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This issue was resolved by putting in the http path for git and changing the authentication type to 'password' and adding a domain user and password on the VCS settings page.


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