Visual Studio Add-In: Can not connect to gallery

I am trying to download and install the TeamCity add-in for Visual Studio.  I am able to download the TeamCityVsAddinSetup.web.exe application, but when I execute it, I get:

Downloading JetBrains .Net Tools Installer packages...
Can not connect to the gallery. Show log.

When I click on the link to show the log, nothing happens.  
I am guessing that my corporate network is blocking the site this this application is trying to download files from.  Could anyone tell me where this is trying to go so I can get it whitelisted?


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i have an update, I just found that the log file was opened in notepad and this is what it said:

Use prerelease packages.
Expected an absolute, well formed http URL without a query or fragment.
Parameter name: serviceRoot
   at System.Data.Services.Client.DataServiceContext..ctor(Uri serviceRoot)
   at NuGet.DataServiceContextWrapper..ctor(Uri serviceRoot)
   at NuGet.DataServicePackageRepository.get_Context()
   at NuGet.DataServicePackageRepository.GetPackages()
   at JetBrains.Platform.Installer.Bootstrap.Runs.<>c__DisplayClass14.<Main>b__8()

unfortunately, it has nothing about what the URL actually was.

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Hi Mark,

JetBrains .Net Tools are downloaded from public NuGet feed:

As workaround you can download Jetbrains .Net tools here:

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Thanks so much for the reply.  I was able to run the exe at home, off the VPN, so I could connect out. However, I would rather whitelist the site so my team does not have any issues.

Thanks again


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