TeamCity 9.0.1 - not all assemblies show in Coverage Breakdown

I have a Visual Studio solution consisting of several  projects. I set a build process for it in TeamCity, and I have added a  an NUnit runner build step, with these settings:

  • nunit runner 2.6.3
  • run tests from:\Sources\**\bin\*.Web.UnitTests.dll
  • .net coverage tool: JetBrains dotCover
  • Filters: --empty--

In the Code Coverage tab of the build, under Coverage Breakdown, I can only see:

  • MyProject.Domain
  • MyProject.Web.UnitTests

MyProject.Web, the object of the tests, and a few other assemblies in  the solution are not displayed there, and are ignored by the dotCover  code coverage calculations. Why? How can I tell it which assemblies to  use?
I've unsuccessfully tried various +: / -: combinations in the Filters  field. But with Filters empty, I am expecting MyProject.Web to be  included, since MyProject.Domain is - why isn't it included?

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Hi Ion,

Could you please check that all assemblies are built with pdbs?
If this is not the case then please attach dotCover logs. Please see how to collect dotCover logs.


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