Build history cleanup - running out of space in database - obsolete data preserved


our TeamCity MySQL database is constantly growing (currently >70GB). Obvisously most space is consumed by the test_info table.

  • We found that build_type_mapping table contains rows for build types that were deleted long time ago. Roughly 1500 rows out of 3200 are obsolete.
  • history table contains 8,000 rows (out of 80,000) referencing these "deleted" build types
  • test_info table contains 4 mil. rows (our of 500 mil.) referencing these "deleted" build types

Do you have any recommendation how to proceed with this obsolete data? Is there a safe way to delete these builds and build-types from the database and possibly from <tc-data>/system/messages?


OS: RHEL 6.6
DB: MySQL 5.1.73
TeamCIty: 8.1.5

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