Failure notification with no matching notification rule.

I've been getting emails when some builds fail and I can not figure out why.  I have no specific rules for the projects or configurations involved, and defaults are set to "Builds with my changes" "when fails".  However, I've never made any changes for this configuration, only it's dependencies but that was months ago.

My current theory is because I made changes to its dependency several months ago, and the failing config has never passed since then, it's still emailing me?  It's not clear though why it's emailing me and it's getting to spam levels at times where I'll get a dozen emails for several configurations I have nothing to do with.

Is there some way I can track down why exactly I'm getting some specific notification when there's no clear link from my notification settings to the email I'm receiving?

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Hi Jody,

Sorry for delay. Cascading notifications are not supported in TeamCity now.
You can enable debug-notifications logging preset on Administration>Diagnostics page in order to print more info about the notification reason in teamcity-notification.log. Please watch and vote for the related feature request:


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