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I have a (very) big solution with multiple projects and one startup exe (WInForms). There are lot of NuGet dependencies in these projects. After compilation, I can export build artifacts in the Bin\Release folder of the startup project. The exported artifacts contain the mix of both my DLLs and NuGet fetched DLLs. Just Double-Clicking the exe works! So far so good.

Now I want to obfuscate my dlls. This stage takes as input the output dlls of previous stage. I want to obfuscate only my dlls. not the NuGet fetched 3rd party DLLs. But the exported artifacts contains the mixed soup. Is there a way I can isolate only my DLLs from the 3rd party dependencies?

I tried to solve this by exporting only my dlls in a different artifact folder using naming conventions and wild-cards. But I cannot have a naming convention for 3rd party DLLs. I need them to mix with obfuscated DLLs and ship both of them together.

Any ideas?


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Hi Abhishek,

Probably you can use post-build event to obfuscate dlls. See the related question on stackoverflow.


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