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We have a template that is being used by many of our build jobs. In the template we have the following line in Version Control Settings > Checkout Rules:

+:config/static/parameters_%environment%.json => config/static/parameters_%environment%.json

And in each job we have environment as a configuration parameter with prompt type.

Because of the above we have a couple of "irritating" things:

1. every time we Run a build we get a popup (Parameters were changed in this custom build...) and we need to click OK. Not a very big problem, just irritating a littlebit.

2. when we look at our dashboard (Projects) we see a couple of lines under each of our build jobs with generated branch names (this is good!) but the default "master" is always there, although it's never being used.

3. In many jobs after a while the "real" branches disappear from the dashboard

4. /externalStatus.html Chrome plugin shows us the status based only on the "master" branch, so in many projects it shows the build never ran, on the other hand it doesn't report when the build is broken in any of the branches generated by the %environment% parameter

We can "fix" 1, part of 2, by setting in the build parameters, but it doesn't help in the real problems. Even if I write "master" as branch name it is not the real master, it's even displayed with a different color.

Is there a way to overcome these issues?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Gavriel,

Sorry for delay.
1. The recommended approach is to create a separate build configuration for each environment. You can use templates to simplify the setup.
2. Please attach screenshot of the overview page and screenshot of the builds history for the master branch.
3. The Overview page shows only active branches, please check that auto-generated branches are still active.


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