How to use teamcity credential/authentication in builds

I have setup  the LDAP authentication on Teamcity.
I'm peforming some steps in the build configuration and need to use the same LDAP authentication that the user used to login into team city instead of asking it from the user every time.

Kinldy let me know how to retreive this password. Also how to pass this as a parameter in the VCS password field

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Hi Gabriel,

What you describe is not possible at this time. Actually, it can be even theoretically not possible as TeamCity might not know user's password to send to the agent. Authenticating users is not the same as storing their passwords.
The builds started by TeamCity agent run under the same user as the TeamCity agent runs under. See the feature request:
Wont' it be an option to save credentials as Hidden Password typed parameters on Project level and reuse them inside the build.


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