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is there a way to log all emails sent by Teamcity ? It would be very useful for debug purposes. I checked "teamcity-notifications.log", but it contains only "Loading configuration file:" lines.


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You can enable debug-notifications logging preset in Administration>Diagnostics page.
Note that logging preset is not saved after server restart, please watch/vote for the related feature request https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-14313.

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Hi Alina,

we still have problem to configure the notification rules in a way that suits us. I have enabled the logging for the notifications, however it is not sufficient to understand which rule has which effect, because it only states:

RulesAwareNotificationListener - Processing event BUILD_FINISHED_FAILURE in build type Project :: Build and project Project 
RulesAwareNotificationListener - Selected 4 users with matching notification rules

I would actually need to know which rules selected which users.

Is that possible?

Maybe you can also help me with the rules themselves. We actually need:

  • All projects except "Special 1": notify users about build failures, but only if they contributed changes
  • Project "Special 1": notify a single user "U" about build failure, independently of the changes

It looks like this will be possible in 10.0 (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-10705), but I cannot manage to get the right rules for 9.1.4.

I tried the following:

All users

  • Project Special 1 : Do not notify
  • Builds with my changes : - Build fails (only notify on the first failure after success)

User "U":

  • "Special 1" (all subprojects and configurations) : Build fails

But unfortunately the user "U" still don't get an email when a build in "Special 1" if he has no changes involved.

Is that supposed to work? Is there a way to get more information in the logs?





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