Missing ldap-config.properties

I have recently set up the tarred up version of TeamCity on one of my linux systems. TeamCity Pro 9.0.3 (build 32334)

For reference I have placed the TeamCity directory at /usr/local

Now that the application is up and running I wanted to start integrating with our Active Directory instance.  The documentation indicates that I should edit ldap-config.properties located at <TeamCity dir>/config/ldap-config.properties

That file is not there, there is also no config directory.  There is a conf directory however.  For the sake of testing I created a ldap-config.properties in both of those directories and added some base information in that file.

However when changing my authentication method in the application I still receive two errors.  I've looked for issues and docs but nothing in relation to this issue.

The errors:

"Authentication module which you used to log in (Built-in)       is not active anymore and you might not be able to log in again."  This one makes sense given that I'm changing away.

"LDAP integration is inactive as ldap-config.properties configuration file is not found in the server settings directory."  This seems to be the sticking point.  I'm not sure where else this should go or why it wasn't in the tar.  Any helpful hints?

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Sorry for delay. It seems that you mixed up TeamCity Data Directory and TeamCity Installation Directory.
LDAP config file is located in Data Directory. By default it is $HOME/.BuildServer under Linux and C:\Users\<user_name>\.BuildServer under Windows.


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