Sharing of build numbers for independent build configurations


I have several build configurations. All those configurations are independent from each other.
But i need to be able to access build numbers of other build configurations.
I've tried Autoincrementer and SharedBuildNumber plugins with no success.

I've tried to setup dependencies between configurations. But i cannot prevent parent configuration from being built if there are some changes in child configuration.
I have vcs trigger rules for each configuration. But parent is triggered in any case, even if i have vcs trigger that should prevent it.

So the question is: how to share build numbers between configurations? Or how to prevent parent configuration from being triggered by child in any case?

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If I understand the problem correctly, we have a similar case.
We use Artifact Dependencies as a workaround.
As a "dummy-rule" we use .teamcity/settings/digest.txt => dependencies/dummyDependency

To access the parameters, see


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