Showing branches in overview page when there is no VCS root

The build pipeline for one of our projects consists of one configuration that builds everything, and several configurations which have snapshot and artifact dependencies to this one, to run tests on several platforms etc.

I currently attach the VCS root to all the test configurations, just to get everything to display in the overview page, but I would like to remove VCS roots from all configurations except the build configuration and instead rely on "Show changes from snapshot dependencies" in Version Control Settings.

When I remove the VCS root, but tick "Show changes from snapshot dependencies" in Version Control Settings, the branches do not show up in the overview page any longer. However, if I click on the configuration, I can see the builds in the history, and the Changes show up as expected.

Is there any way to have our branches show up on the overview page without attaching a VCS root?

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Hi Anders,

We have the related issue in our tracker, please try the suggested parameter teamcity.buildTypeOverview.showBranchesFromDependencies.


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