Artifacts from deleted branches are removed despite cleanup settings

Artifacts from deleted branches are removed.  I've noticed that branches we delete in Git still show up in TeamCity, but after an period of time (seems to be around a week) their artifacts are automatically removed by TeamCity.  We have some branches that have some artifacts from newer builds but no artifacts from older builds.  I know we used to have artifacts from all of them.  Our cleanup settings have remained the same.  I expect to have 10 artifacts remain on the branch even after it has been deleted from source control for a long time.

TeamCity Professional 8.1.5 (build 30240)

Cleanup Settings:

Artifacts older than the 10th successful build; artifact patterns: +:**/*
Other items are kept forever

Do not prevent dependency artifacts cleanup

Any help would be appreciated.  I have scoured the docs/forms/bug reports and see no mention of this problem.

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Hi Nathan,

TeamCity creates one group per each active branch, and a single group for all builds from inactive branches. Then clean-up rules are applied to each group independently. So in your case to all inactive branches.
We have the related feature request, please vote for it and see suggested workarounds.


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