Getting a list of changes in a build

I'm trying to keep track of changes that were made in particular builds for documentation purposes.  (The change descriptions are those coming from the VCS, which in my case is Perforce.)  I can "kind of" get this information in the TeamCity UI by looking at the "Changes" tab for a completed build, but I have two problems.

First, I would like to see all changes that were made since the last SUCCESSFUL build.  For example, assume that I added change "A" and created build #1; added change "B" and created build #2; added change "C" and created build #3.  If build #2 failed, then I would like to know that build #3 actually contained changes "B" and "C".

Second, I would like to export this information in some kind of text format.

Is this possible, either with the UI or with the REST API?


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Sorry for the delay in replying.

Here is an alike question with some hints.
Basically, this is possible to do via REST API: you can iterate builds via /app/rest/builds/<locator> query and then for each build use the URL noted in build's "changes" node.


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