Integrate TeamCity users with Github OAuth?


we are currently looking to migrate from jenkins to TeamCity.
The main problem so far is that we have not found a way to use GitHub OAuth credentials to login into TeamCity.
It means for us that we must manually create a TC user for each developer.

Have you planned an integration between TeamCity and GitHub credentials?
Would it be possible to implement such a functionality with a plugin?

Thanks in advance for your answers,

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Hi Yann,

We have the related feature request, please watch and vote for it. Yes, you are welcome to develop a plugin.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Can you point me in the API where I could start for such a plugin?
I do not see anything that can hanlde the login.

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I do not think the linked feature request is a good one.
It is not about VCS root authentication, but about TeamCity users in general.

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thx, Nicola!

I think this is the documentation I search to build a plugin.


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