Remote Debug in TeamCity. Does not have JPS Runner error.

I'm using Intellij Idea 14.0 and TeamCity server. I'm trying tolaunch Remote Debug in TeamCity, but i got a message in Idea: "No suitable build configurations were found, see debug logs for details".

I checked the logs and found this:

The following build types were filtered out from being used for remote debug:
2015-04-25 06:13:27,788 [3603538]  DEBUG - ectConfigurationsTreeStructure - Does not have JPS runner:

Can you tell me, how to launch Reote Debug. I have to install JPS Runner on TeamCity Server?

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Hi Pavel,

You must have at least one build configuration on the TeamCity Server with the IntelliJ IDEA Project runner as one of the build steps.
For more details see:


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