How to harness teamcity power for a Continous Delivery scenario with ansible

Hello guys,

I am pretty new here and taking over some old jenkins ci server with a new mandate. I have hear great stuff from JetBrains so I downloaded the teamcity to a local server in order to achieve my mandate. Please I might not know all the jargon so be gentle thanks.

My mandate:

With my newly acquired ansible knowledge, I have a task of building a java maven web app with a CI server (Teamcity here) and have that CI server call ansible to deploy that build in another local test server.

In order to achieve that, I have few questions:

  1. Can TeamCity be used to fulfill that purpose?
  2. How and where TeamCity call external tools (shell script, python script) ?
  3. The version of TeamCity downloaded has 3 build agents, I am currently using the one bundled . I guess I will need 2 agents for this kind of tasks, how does everything fit together ?

Thank you in advance

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and welcome to TeamCity! Yes, you can configure such process in TeamCity. Please read how to configure Deployment in TeamCity.
You can use Command Line runner to run any script supported by OS.
Professional license includes 3 build agents. Please see how to install addition Build Agents.
Don't hesitate to ask further questions!

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Hello Alina,

It's been nice of you to give me starting point. I really appreciate that. Thank you


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