Upgrade & Move to new server - which first?

We're (successfully - love it!) running TeamCity 7.1.3, and so are probably in need of an upgrade / refresh (some of the api functions look what we need for my dashboard).
Secondly, the box where TC is currently running going to be binned, and is also close to terminally low disk space.
Thirdly, we're currently using the internal storage engine, and it's about time we changed that to use Sql Server (we're primarily an MS shop)
My question is therefore the preferred upgrade path...

I'm currently assuming
1) Move to new server
2) TeamCity
3) Storage

Would the low disk space have any bareing on your answer?
Would upgrading TC first make the move any easier?

Many thanks for any advise, a happy TC User. :)

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Hi Andy,

We would recommend to upgrade firstly. If you face with any problems during the migration to new server there are more chances that we will fix the issues in the latest version.
Please carefully review Upgrade Notes before upgrade.

Disk space should not somehow impact the upgrade process.
Please note, that after upgrade the database can require more space as the vcs_changes table is migrated into vcs_chage table. So basically you would need the double space for the size of vcs_changes table.
Background: After upgrade to 9+ from previous versions, TeamCity starts a background process to move the entries from vcs_changes table to vcs_change table. This process is transparent and you can continue working with the server as usual. It has negligible impact on the server performance and the only affected logic is the 9.0-introduced feature of projects import which is recommended to use only after the process is completed. The progress of the process can be seen on the Backup section in the server administration.
Yet the data copying increases the size of the raw database storage.

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Thanks Alina - that mirrors what I imagined.
With your last comment "...the data copying increases the size of the raw database storage." would that possibly point to changing the storage first, then doing the upgrade, if hard disk space is tight, or would you upgrade first in all scenarios?

Thanks for your help - it;s not the sort of thing I want to get wrong if I can help it :)

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Hi Andy,

You can check the vcs_changes table size, calculate the needed space and decide whether you need extra space or not. In any case please ensure you backup the data before upgrading TeamCity. Once the data is converted, downgrade to the previous TeamCity versions is not possible.


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