What's the status of support for SQL Server 2014, Windows 10 and VS2015?

We're using TeamCity for building our Windows Store app projects.
Since MS SQL Server 2014 is already available in RTM, Visual Studio 2015 in RC and Windows 10/Windows Server 2016 in preview I was wondering what's the status of support for these platforms in TeamCity:
Is it possible to install TeamCity on Windows 10 already using the SQL Server 2014 as the target db?
Is it possible to build projects using C# 6 and/or Windows 10 Universal Store apps in TeamCity build agent?

If not yet, is there any ETA when it will be possible?

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Hi Martin,

Visual Studio 2015 is already supported in TeamCity EAP 9.1. Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (including Express editions) is supported in TeamCity 9.0.
We have not tested TeamCity on Windows 10 yet. For more details please see Supported Platforms and Environments.


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