TeamCity / Github / Azure Websites / PHP Site (Laravel)


I just setup TeamCity and have been struggling for about 2 days with it.

Windows 2012 R2 VM

So far, I can:

  • download my gihub project
  • compress it to a zip file
  • composer install step runs, but no files are added to the existing zip file--- Im not sure what to do here....

What Im trying to do is:

  • download from github
  • run composer
  • deply to azure websites
    • My plan so far is to compress the github project and composer files into one zip
    • use powershell meta runner somehow to deply

Problem Overview
- When I run composer as a build step nothing is added to my artifact zip file.
- How do I deploy to Azure Websites?

Ive reviewed following sources: ---- doesnt discuss the deployment aspect im looking for ------ i have created the .pubxml file mentioned but at the end of step 1, <DesktopBuildPackageLocation> is mentioned and I dont have that in my xml file? ---- using the composer meta-runner from here

Thank you in advance!


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Hi Don,

I think that you should run composer firstly and then publish all artifacts as one zip file. Artifacts are published when the build is finished.

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Hi Alina,

Thanks for your response. Composer is actually the only build step I have right now. Besides that I just have my VCS section completed. Here is a screen shot and the log showing the activity.

The resulting zip file only contains my vcs files and nothing from composer.


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Please check that needed files are actually downloaded during "Run Composer" build step. For this please check the content of the agent's "work/<hash>" folder mentioned in the build log.
If you want to include all files, then please specify the following artifact path: ** =>

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Thanks Alina.

Im 100% positive that this isnt the best way to do this, but Ive been struggling with this for the entire week have wasted a lot of time.... I understand it's a free product but I would pay for support as of right now the documentation for a php app deployment to azure isn't very good.

I ended up committing my composer directory, run phpunit, and use phing to zip and ftp the files over. It works for now but not the best solution.

Thanks for your help,



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