merge for svn vcs in teamcity

We have a project, stored in svn repo. In this repo we have folder with configs:
and we have few branches:

Is it possible to merge configs from trunk to branches in simple task? Are two vcs roots(trunk and branch) needed for this?

PS Only me have permissions to commit in config dir in branches, so i don't care about any conflicts

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If you can do this action in SVN repository then you can perform the same actions using TeamCity, for example using command line build step.

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Hello again,

Your answer is obvious. Yes, i can do what i want in comand line. I asked about smth like Automatic Merge for svn. Do u have smth like that or it is a git/hg option only?


Yes, i think about merging manually too. It whould looks like

I want to run task, when file in brunch TRUNK is updated(I don't want to download trunk), and then in command line write smth like
svn merge -c BUILD_VCS_NUMBER_ID stable_repo/path/ot/file
svn commit -m -"merge from trunk: r"+BUILD_VCS_NUMBER_ID

Is it possible? The problems are: trigger with TRUNK only, don't download trunk, update stable_repo when needed.

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No, there is no build-in feature for automatic merge for SVN.

Unfortunately it is not possible now. Please watch/vote for the request: and see the related forum thread for the workaround:

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I voted, and this looks useful for temporary solution
'The only way to display changes but do not checkout them is to use two build configurations (one with "do not checkout" option), snapshot dependnecy between them and "should changes from snapshot dependency" optino ON on VCS settings.'

thank u so much for your answer!


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