Select branch combination from different VCS Roots

Hello I have a build configuration using two different VCS Roots to gather code from two different git repos. One for the front end and one for the back end.(sc0.png)

When I click the 3 dots next to Run of the configuration I am only asked for a single Build branch (sc1.png). I noticed that if I have the exact same branch name say feature/myFeature in both repos then that branch is checked out in both. If there is no branch in the second repo with the exact same name then the default is used. What I would like to do is be able to select which branch to choose from each repo. Eg. BE repo has release/v2.0.5 which goes with FE repo release/v4.0.0.

In sc2.png you can see the VCS configuration and branch specification. I am using GitFlow for branch naming.

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Please watch/vote for the feature request: and
As workaround you can do that by defining the branch to checkout as a configuration parameter and defining the parameter in the Run Custom Build dialog.

Note: how feature branches work with multiple VCS roots.


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