Odd warning during NuGet Publish

[20:08:46][Step 7/7] Attempt to publish NuGet package with wrong extension: .nupkg, expected: .nupkg
  • Agent time: 20:09:07

  • Errrrmm, what?
    Anybody else seen this?
    --Tim Long

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    Hi Tim,

    We have the related issue https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-32732, please vote for it.

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    I encountered the same error. It was because my symbols package was in the same directory as my NuGet package. 

    I added a command line build step to move it to a separate directory and then published them separately - and that took care of the error.

    The step consisted of:

    if EXIST ".\Symbols" RMDIR ".\Symbols" /S /Q
    MKDIR ".\Symbols"
    MOVE ".\PackageOutput\*.symbols.nupkg" ".\Symbols"


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