Would it be possible to update the so that is uses the same or similar properties as the Especially the log location setting, -Dteamcity_logs.
It would be helpful if this would use $TEAMCITY_LOG_PATH, as in the
Presently the setting is  -Dteamcity_logs=`dirname ../../logs, which causes problems if the logs have been moved in the by using the TEAMCITY_LOG_PATH.

The reason is to avoid having to edit the file after each new release.


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Hi Ron,

There is no $TEAMCITY_LOG_PATH property in the default script. It seems that it was modified. You can modify script the same way.
To save the path to logs you can use internal property teamcity_logs=path/to/logs. Please vote for the related feature request.

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Hi Alina,

Thank you, I overlooked that is something I did so I could move the logs to a diffenerent location.


Ron Barrett


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